Hey there, my name is Margarita and I am a creator of Ocean Inside.

I was born in Moscow, Russia and spent most of my life in a busy city, living the circle work-sleep-work. 

I would of live it that way as everyone else does all their entire life. I had a perfect well-paid & respected job, sleepless nights and fancy outfits. And then something magical happened..

I was really busy and tired of all that past-paced life, I needed a break and I came to Bali for a short vacay.

The moment i saw an ocean i understood that my life would never been the same.. Everything what I was doing and earnig for the last years just didn't make any sense, it felt surreal. Ever since I started trying to travel as much as I could.

In 2012 while visiting Bali again I met my future husband. He was living in Bali, enjoying simple life eat-surf-sleep. With no doubt I packed my life and moved to the Island of Gods.

Living in Bali I understood that I wanted to share all that passion I had. And I wound the way in Creation. That's how I started my own Jewelry brand "Ocean Inside".

Ocean Inside - is all about that endless ocean in our hearts & souls, all feelings we had and would have, all joy and happiness, and sadness, hard times and good times. It is about Life.

All Ocean Inside pieces hand-made in Bali with a sterling silver and gemstones. Charged with positive energy and Bali blessings it will make your dreams come true :) 



Unique and one only: - we make our jewelry with our own unique designs inspired by the Ocean and Island of Gods

Quality: - all pieces are made with sterling silver 925

Wide range: - we grow and change launching new collection every year

Free delivery: - world wide with your order over 125 $US

Guarantee: - all our pieces can be exchanged by our guarantee policy 

Support: - don't hesitate to ask us any questions you have (whats app, email, phone, instagram, fb)






On Aiza: earrings "Brushes" bracelet "Watermelon".

Alina Astrovskaya


Alina is wearing: a chain for glasses "Blue stones", earrings "Clover", a ring "Facets", an elastic bracelet "7 lines".

Nadya Sysoeva


Regina Todorenko


On Regina: elastic bracelet "7 lines".

Sasha Zvereva


Rita Dakota


On Rita: a ring with a pendant "Heart" Earrings "Brushes".

Katya IOWA


On Katya: rings "Pancakes", "Hearts", "Facets", "Ocean Inside", with a "Heart" pendant.

Anfisa Chekhova


On Anfisa:

rings "Pancakes", "Mom", "Wave", mini-mechanism "Heart", "Ocean Inside", "Hearts", elastic bracelets, bracelet "Open hearts".



On Masha: "Ocean Inside" ring, elastic bracelets.

Sofi Chi


On Sofi: elastic bracelets.

Masha Lesovaya


On Masha: rings "Ocean Inside", mini-mechanism "Heart".